Aerangis seegeri

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Africa, Madagascar

Aerangis seegeri is a miniature orchid species from Eastern Madagascar and Nosy Boraha, a small island located near the East Coast of Madagascar (Nosy Boraha used to be known as île Sainte-Marie).  These orchids grow in the coastal forests of these plant rich areas, at a range of altitudes from as low as sea level, to as high as 1500m above sea level.

A miniature epiphytic orchid species; Aerangis seegeri can be found growing upon the trunks (and occasionally on the branches) of trees, in forests found near the ocean.  Plants produce long strings of pendant, star-shaped flowers; the blooms hang rather decoratively below the plant’s leaves.  Mature plants produce a greater quantity of flowers, which are held on numerous stems that dangle underneath the plants.  Aerangis seegeri flowers are a gorgeous orangey bronze colour, they’re very handsome indeed.

Aerangis seegeri plants favour warm to hot temperatures and filtered, indirect light.  Plants require humid growing conditions.

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