Aerangis verdickii

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Africa, Angola, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zaire, Zambia

Aerangis verdickii is a miniature epiphytic or lithophytic orchid species, which grows both low down on rocks and high up in the branches of woodland trees, in dry forests and mountainous areas.  In its native environment, this orchid species can be found growing near the tops of trees in open woodland; here Aerangis verdickii enjoys bright sunlight.

In the wild, Aerangis verdickii experiences prolonged periods of drought during autumn and winter.  This orchid can seem to be entirely desiccated and yet plants regrow successfully when the rains arrive in springtime.  This is such a remarkable, resilient orchid species!  During times of extreme drought, Aerangis verdickii may grow as a deciduous plant, dropping its leaves to conserve water.  Orchids grown in cultivation benefit from improved growing conditions and these plants usually retain their leaves; although, please don’t lose hope if your plant has shed its leaves, you may still be able to revive your plant!

The flowers of Aerangis verdickii are white, they feature very long nectaries, which hang down below the flowers.  

Aerangis verdickii is an adaptable miniature orchid, but this plant grows best when mounted.  Don’t forget to leave room for your orchid’s nectaries, when you’re positioning this plant inside your terrarium or vivarium.  Try to picture the plant in bloom and leave room for your orchid’s future flowers, as you select the plant’s position within your indoor garden.

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