Aerangis x primulina

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Africa, Madagascar

Aerangis x primulina is a natural hybrid between Aerangis citrata and Aerangis hyaloides.  This is a very handsome miniature orchid.  Plants produce beautiful, arching flowering stems, which I estimate, hold opposite rows of anywhere between five and thirty, (possibly more) stunning, small, snowy white coloured flowers.  Older specimens produce a greater number of flowers.  Aerangis x primulina plants’ flowers are smaller than Aerangis citrata blooms, yet a little larger than Aerangis hyaloides flowers.  This pretty orchid produces inflorescences with a delightful, crystalline quality; the flowers seem to sparkle in the sunlight.

These Aerangis hybrid plants favour growing in a very humid environment, where the plants can enjoy bright, indirect, filtered light.  Avoid areas where Aerangis x primulina plants might be harmed by harsh or direct light.  Aerangis x primulina plants require frequent, regular misting, as well as good air circulation that allows the plants to dry out a little between misting.

To see two of my Aerangis x primulina plants in bud and in flower, please click here.

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