Aesculus pavia

Family: Sapindaceae

Countries: Americas, North America, South America, United States

Aesculus pavia is a large, naturally rounded, curvaceous shrub that eventually grows to anywhere between 3.5m (12ft) to 5.2m (17ft) tall, and around 2.5m (8ft) to 4m (13ft) wide – depending of course on your soil and your plant’s growing conditions.  In this shrub’s native habitat, in the USA, Aesculus pavia‘s tubular flowers are a popular food plant for ruby throated hummingbirds.  While here in the UK, Aesculus pavia flowers are adored by the species of bee that have tongues long enough to reach the nectar, which is accessed via these attractive, elongated, tubular inflorescences.  Plants flower from early to late summer.

Hardy to around -15C (5F), Aesculus pavia grows in any moist, well-drained soil – a soil that retains moisture, but doesn’t remain wet or boggy, or arid and dry.

The Aesculus pavia plant that you see pictured to accompany this plant page, might be a slightly different form of Aesculus, as this plant’s flowers are borne in attractive tones of yellow and orange, whilst I had expected this particular species to produce the same extended tubular flowers, but in a darker shade of red.

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