Aglaonema ‘Christina’

Family: Araceae

Aglaonema ‘Christina’ is a handsome, easy-to-grow houseplant.  ‘Christina’ produces leaves that are marked with mottled, frayed stripes of soft green and bottle-green coloured variegation; every leaf is encased by the same bottle-green coloured trim, which forms a substantial outline around each leaf.  This Aglaonema cultivar has wider leaves than Aglaonema ‘Cutlass’.

This is a tender plant.  Grow Aglaonema ‘Christina’ in a warm room, but take care to position this Aglaonema away from external doors and draughts.  Place your Aglaonema ‘Christina’ plant in a location that enjoys stable temperatures, which won’t fall below 15C (59F).  Aglaonema ‘Christina’ plants should never exposed to winter night time temperatures that fall below an absolute minimum night time temperature of 12C (54F).  Keep your plant in a warmer room, if possible.  Cold temperatures are very detrimental to these plants.

Aglaonema ‘Christina’ thrives in a humid environment.  These plants flourish when grown in amongst a group of houseplants.  Regular misting will also help to improve this plant’s growing conditions and raise the humidity levels around this plant.  For optimum plant health, it’s wise to maintain a humid environment for your plant, throughout the year.

Water Aglaonema ‘Christina’ regularly during the summer months and provide a liquid tomato feed every six weeks or during the growing season.  These plants prefer their compost to be kept on the drier side over wintertime; however, Aglaonema ‘Christina’ plants require high humidity levels, all year round.

Aglaonema ‘Christina’ is prized for being a houseplant that grows in rooms with rather dull light levels.  These plants will prosper in rooms with artificial lighting.  This is a very versatile houseplant that also thrives in bright rooms that enjoy soft, indirect light.  Aglaonema ‘Christina’ will grow almost anywhere!  However, avoid placing your Aglaonema ‘Christina’ in a position where your plant will be exposed to harsh direct light, as intense light may scorch your Aglaonema’s leaves.  Steer clear of bright, South-facing windowsills, as the light is likely to be too intense in these situations.

My Aglaonema ‘Christina’ plant is still on the small side at the moment (you can see it in my picture).  In time, as my plant grows, I’ll update this plant page with the expected height and spread of this plant.  Currently my ‘Christina’ Aglaonema plant is around 20cm (8′) tall and 30cm (12′) wide. Update in November 2023: Just over two years after I wrote this plant page, this same plant now measures 20cm (8″) tall and 35cm (14″) wide.

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