Allium scorodoprasum ‘Art’

Family: Alliaceae

Allium scorodoprasum ‘Art’ is an unusual looking Allium that produces small ‘flower heads’; each flower is made up of a collection of indigo coloured bulbils, interspersed with tiny mauve flower buds.  The flowers are held on thin, wiry stems that sway with the breeze.

Flower arrangers will enjoy Allium scorodoprasum ‘Art’ flowers.  These blooms last well in the garden, and they’ll give longevity and interest to both fresh and dried floral arrangements.

Allium scorodoprasum ‘Art’ flower stems aren’t as straight or sturdy as the stems of more substantial Allium bulbs.  If you brush past Allium scorodoprasum ‘Art’, as you walk past, their stems will go with you!  However, Allium scorodoprasum ‘Art’ stems are pretty resilient – they won’t snap under the weight of their flowers and they’ll usually be absolutely fine without any support.

These bulbs are available from late summer to mid autumn.  Choose the largest bulbs available and ensure that your bulbs are firm and free from mould or decay.  Plant your bulbs as soon as possible after making your purchase.  Allium scorodoprasum ‘Art’ can be planted in any well-drained soil, in full sunshine, or partial or dappled shade.  This Allium can also be grown in containers filled with peat-free compost.  If your soil tends to be wet or water-logged, plant Allium scorodoprasum ‘Art’ in containers or planters.

Allium scorodoprasum ‘Art’ grows up to around 1m (3.3ft) tall.

My Allium scorodoprasum ‘Art’ bulbs were given to me by Dutch Grown.

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