Alocasia ‘Ninja’

Family: Araceae

Countries: Asia, Assam, Australia, Borneo, Cambodia, China, Hainan, Himalayas, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

Alocasia ‘Ninja’ plants thrive in a very humid environment making these plants ideally suited to growing inside a terrarium, vivarium, or bottle garden.  However, terrariums and bottle gardens are not universally the same, different enclosures will provide contrasting growing conditions.  When choosing a terrarium and deciding on a location to cultivate Alocasia ‘Ninja’, remember that these plants won’t be happy in a shaded environment – Alocasia ‘Ninja’ require bright but indirect light to be able to thrive.  Avoid growing Alocasia ‘Ninja’ in an area that receives direct sunlight, which is likely to scorch this Alocasia’s sensitive leaves; take special care to steer your plant away from afternoon sunshine which tends to be more intense than morning sunlight.  Instead, look for an area that’s light and bright but without any harsh lighting that will cause you to shield your eyes or reach for your sunglasses.  Morning sunlight is softer than afternoon sunshine; accordingly rooms that are at their brightest during the start of the day will be a good candidates for a location to grow this Alocasia.

When deciding where to grow Alocasia ‘Ninja’, never position your plant anywhere near an external door or a window that’s used during autumn, winter, or springtime.  Cold temperatures are one of Alocasia ‘Ninja’s deadliest enemies!  Other factors to avoid when deciding on where to place your Alocasia ‘Ninja’ include ruling out areas near a stove, oven, radiator, or open fire, and steering clear of heating vents or air conditioning units, fans, or anything that dries, heats, or cools the air.

Alocasia ‘Ninja’ require very humid growing conditions, these plants will only thrive in areas with high humidity.  Misting will help to raise humidity levels around your plants, as will growing your Alocasia ‘Ninja’ plant inside a terrarium or bottle garden.  Growing Alocasia ‘Ninja’ on a pebble tray that’s topped up with water will create a more humid environment, and grouping plants (that naturally grow in similar conditions) together will also help raise humidity levels.

Alocasias really do require warm temperatures to flourish.  These plants are happiest when grown in an area that enjoys consistent temperatures of 20C-28C (68F-82F).  It’s really important to protect your Alocasia ‘Ninja’ plant from cold temperatures, as low temperatures will very quickly kill these plants.  Alocasia ‘Ninja’ must not ever experience cooler temperatures less than an absolute minimum night time, winter temperature of 16C (60F).

Plant Alocasia ‘Ninja’ in moisture retentive, nutrient-rich, peat-free compost.  These plants thrive in consistently moist soil.  Alocasia ‘Ninja’ plants don’t want to ever be short of water, so check your plant’s compost regularly and water as necessary.  However, Alocasia ‘Ninja’ don’t want to be stuck sitting in dripping wet or water-logged soil, as this is detrimental to the plants and can cause root rot.  Water your Alocasia ‘Ninja’ plant when the top layer of compost is starting to dry out.  The trick is to water Alocasia ‘Ninja’ plants little and often.  Check your compost’s moisture level before watering and administer a small amount of water at a time, as it’s far easier to add water than it is to remove it!

Alocasia ‘Ninja’ plants will grow up to around 50cm (20inches) tall, depending on their individual growing conditions.  These plants grow fastest during the spring and summer months.  Plants often grow towards the sunlight, so turn your container (or terrarium) a small amount every few days, or a quarter turn each week.

Warm temperatures, consistently moist soil, soft bright but indirect light, and high humidity are the essential keys for the success when growing Alocasia ‘Ninja’.

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