Alocasia × amazonica ‘Polly’

Family: Araceae

Alocasia × amazonica ‘Polly’ is a striking looking plant that absolutely commands attention!  This tender plant produces dramatic dark bottle-green coloured, heart shaped leaves that are highlighted with a silvery veining that contrasts quite spectacularly with the deep racing green colour of the leaf.  Alocasia × amazonica ‘Polly’ is a naturally compact plant, which makes a fabulous houseplant!

Grow Alocasia × amazonica ‘Polly’ in a warm and humid environment, where your plant can bask in bright but filtered light.  Avoid placing Alocasia × amazonica ‘Polly’ in an area that’s exposed to harsh or direct light, which may scorch this Alocasia’s sensitive leaves.

This is a tender plant that flourishes indoors, where temperatures range from 18-25C (65-77F).  I’d advise growing ‘Polly’ in a room where temperatures won’t fall below 18C (65F).  Don’t site your plant near your front or back doors; as your Alocasia × amazonica ‘Polly’ plant won’t appreciate an icy blast of air when the door opens or shuts.  Avoid growing this Alocasia anywhere that experiences cold draughts.  Similarly, don’t use cold water to water your plants, tepid water is ideal.  I recommend collecting rainwater to irrigate your indoor plants.  However, do remember to provide your collected rainwater with 48 hours indoors after collection but prior to use, to ensure the rainwater has ample time to reach room temperature; alternatively, warm the water you’ve collected, before you irrigate your plants.

Alocasia × amazonica ‘Polly’ flourishes in a humid environment.  These plants thrive in a steamy bathroom or a room that boasts high humidity.  If you’re looking to increase the humidity levels around your plants, you could group this Alocasia with other houseplants and mist your plants with warmed rainwater, every day.  Placing your Alocasia × amazonica ‘Polly’ plant above a saucer of pebbles that’s filled with water will also help to raise the humidity levels around your plant.  However, do take care to ensure that your plant isn’t sitting in any water, as this would have a very detrimental effect on your plant.

Alocasia × amazonica ‘Polly’ is a neat and compact plant that doesn’t usually grow larger than 50cm (1.6ft).

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