Amesiella minor

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Philippines

Amesiella minor is miniature, epiphytic orchid species.  Amesiella minor can be found growing in forests, in the mountain regions of the Philippines.  This is a slow growing orchid species, which favours a humid environment.

Amesiella minor is a relatively recently discovered miniature orchid, consequently this species is new in cultivation.

I trialled one Amesiella minor specimen growing inside my White Orchid Trial Terrarium.  To head straight to my terrarium update that was written as this Amesiella minor specimen came into flower, and see photographs of every stage of this delightful miniature orchid’s flowering, please click here.

I have another Amesiella minor specimen that’s growing inside my Rainforest Terrarium.  You can follow this Amesiella minor specimen as it grows over the course of a year and see this plant in bloom, here.

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