Andinia schizopogon

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Americas, Ecuador, Peru, South America

Here’s another miniature orchid; this is Andinia schizopogon, an epiphytic orchid species that thrives in cool temperatures and humid growing conditions.  In this orchid species’ natural environment, these plants can be found growing in the cloud forests of Ecuador and Peru.

Andinia schizopogon produces rather curious looking mauve-maroon, finely striped flowers that look rather whiskery!  Plants can bloom at any time of year, given optimum growing conditions.

These miniature orchids flourish in soft, filtered light.  Avoid harsh or intense, direct lighting and aim to create gentle lighting and lightly shaded conditions.

Andinia schizopogon can be watered several times a week.  I always recommend using rainwater to water orchids, but you could also use reverse osmosis water or deionised water instead if you’re unable to collect rainwater to water your plants.

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