Angelica archangelica

Family: Apiaceae

Countries: Albania, Belarus, Denmark, England, Europe, Finland, France, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Siberia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Wales

Angelica archangelica is a simply divine garden plant!  I love the zingy green colour tone of this biennial’s flowers and seeds, their fresh colouring and the plant’s tall, architectural, and statuesque appearance is of great value in the garden.

Angelica archangelica favours moist, well drained soils, though please don’t give up hope if you have sandy soil – for many years I have grown Angelica archangelica very successfully on sandy, silty, free draining soils.  I have also grown Angelica archangelica in almost all aspects, from very sunny spots, through to fully shaded positions, I find that Angelica archangelica favours dappled shade, but the plant has been a great addition to the garden in all of the aspects I have planted it.  If you have a windy exposed site, I’d advise looking for a slightly sheltered position to plant your Angelica, or at least provide a suitably discreet but sturdy support for your plants.

If you’re thinking of growing Angelica archangelica yourself, you can buy plants from your garden centre, but it is more cost effective to sow seeds from May time through until to the end of September.  Seeds of Angelica archangelica deteriorate quickly, so ensure you sow fresh seeds.  I find that my plants self seed fairly freely, although I would never describe this plant as invasive.

Angelica archangelica is a biennial, it grows and develops leaves and stems one year and flowers the following year or the year after; so you’ll need to sow seeds two years running if you wish to enjoy Angelica archangelica‘s majestic flowers every year.

Angelica archangelica flowers in May.  This is a popular choice with Chelsea Flower Show garden designers, as it’s simply a beautiful plant, which is hardy and reliably produces an uplifting display of long-lasting flowers in late spring.

Angelica archangelica is an edible, medicinal plant, the plant’s hollow stems, seeds, and roots are all edible.  It’s not so popular these days, but in times gone by, the hollow stems of Angelica archangelica were preserved in sugar and used as cake decorations.  Angellica archangelica has a distinctive, naturally sweet, musky fragrance.  The plant’s stems and roots are fragrant, although the plant’s scent is only usually encountered during physical preparation or aggravation – it’s not a plant to fill your garden with scent.  I feel it’s important to mention that Angelica archangelica has a similar appearance to other plants that are not edible, many plants that look like Angelica archangelica are actually poisonous or harmful, so do please take care and only eat plants that you are absolutely certain to be edible.

Angelica archangelica grows to about 1.5 – 2.2m (5 – 8ft) tall.

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