Angraecum aloifolium

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Africa, Madagascar

Angraecum aloifolium is an epiphytic orchid species, which is endemic to Madagascar.  This is a small sized orchid species, which produces the most beautiful leaves – they are thick and pitted, and coloured with a jewel like, intense green.  Angraecum aloifolium can be found growing on trees, in areas of dry, deciduous forest in the Mahajanga Province, in the Northwestern region of Madagascar.  Here Angraecum aloifolium grows at around 400m above sea level.

If you’ve not noticed already, I must tell you that Angraecum aloifolium is a very beautiful plant.  However, although I’m showing you the beauty of this orchid, I’m not encouraging you to purchase this plant.  Angraecum aloifolium is a rare orchid species that faces extensive threats in the wild, due to illegal collection to supply plants to the world-wide orchid trade, climate change and human expansion, forest clearing, as well as logging and slash and burn.  There are many threats to this magnificent orchid’s natural habitat.

Angraecum aloifolium favours growing conditions that feature very bright, but diffused light, with a very humid atmosphere, with good air circulation around the plant’s roots.  In its natural environment, Angraecum aloifolium experiences long periods of drought with dry, bright conditions through the winter months.  Older Angraecum aloifolium specimens will appreciate a drier winter period, but younger plants may not be fully equipped to manage to survive such difficult growing conditions.  I would suggest slightly reduced, but constant regular and consistent watering of your Angraecum aloifolium plants over winter months.  Ensure that your plants are growing in an area where they will receive bright, but diffused light, high humidity, yet good air circulation.

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