Angraecum didieri

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Africa, Madagascar

Angraecum didieri is endemic to Madagascar, where this miniature orchid species can be found growing upon trees in humid, evergreen forests.  This epiphytic miniature orchid species grows well when mounted on either cork or cedar bark.  You could also grow Angraecum didieri in a small pot, using a coarse grade potting mix, which contains pieces of cork bark and charcoal, if you prefer.

Angraecum didieri produces attractive flowers, which have a very recognisable Angraecum form.  These beautiful, star shaped blooms are very large in comparison with the small size of this miniature orchid.  Angraecum didieri flowers release their fragrance at dusk, the blooms exude a more powerful fragrance in the early part of the evening.

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