Angraecum drouhardii

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Africa, Madagascar

Angraecum drouhardii is a mini miniature sized orchid species from Madagascar.  This is an epiphytic orchid species that grows on the trunks of moss covered trees, in mountainous regions of Northern Madagascar, at 1200m above sea level.

I love this dear little orchid, it’s a very sweet plant.  Angraecum drouhardii plants produce snow white coloured flowers which are positively ginormous in size, when viewed in comparison to the size of this diminutive little orchid.  The blooms are beautiful, they’re quite typical of Angraecum flowers in their form, with a lengthy nectary that falls below the bloom.

Angraecum drouhardii thrives in cool to intermediate temperatures.  Plants require a very humid environment and soft, indirect light.

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