Angraecum elephantinum

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Africa, Madagascar

Angraecum elephantinum is a small to miniature sized, epiphytic orchid species, which is endemic to Eastern Madagascar.

This is a very handsome orchid species.  Angraecum elephantinum produces very large, white, star-shaped flowers.  The flowers that Angraecum elephantinum orchids produce are so large, that they are often nearly as big as the plant that produced them!  Angraecum elephantinum flowers release their fragrance during the evenings, when they attract the moths that pollinate their blooms.

Angraecum elephantinum grows well in bright, filtered sunlight and intermediate to warm temperatures that range from 15C (58F) to 30C (88F).  Plants enjoy regular misting; they appreciate good air circulation and like to dry out before being misted again.

I have an Angraecum elephantinum specimen growing inside my Rainforest Terrarium.  You can see this plant in bloom and find out more about how this Angraecum elephantinum specimen has grown inside this terrarium, in this update, here.

To see photographs of this same Angraecum elephantinum specimen in bloom for its next flowering inside my Rainforest Terrarium, please click here.

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