Angraecum leonis

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Africa, Comoros Islands, Madagascar

Angraecum leonis is a stunning orchid species that can be found growing in the wild in Madagascar and the Comoros Islands.  As is typical of Angraecum species, Angraecum leonis flowers are white in colour and display a very glamorous air and appearance.  Angraecum leonis is a miniature to small sized orchid that can vary in size.  If you’re considering purchasing this orchid, ensure that a larger growing area can be provided if needed.

Of the two forms, the larger sized form of Angraecum leonis hails from the Comoros Islands; while the Madagascan form of Angraecum leonis tends to be quite a bit smaller in size.  In the North of Madagascar, where Angraecum leonis grows in the wild, the temperatures are warmer than those the wild plants enjoy in the Comoros Islands.  The Comoros Islands’ plants also enjoy higher rainfall during the growing season.  Both the Madagascan and the Comoros Islands’ plants experience an extended drier winter season, which usually begins in October and ends at the start of April.  It’s advisable to give cultivated Angraecum leonis plants a drier winter, too.  Throughout the dry season, it’s important that the humidity levels around the plants remain consistently high at around 65-70%RH; this is vital for sustaining Angraecum leonis plants through the more arid winter months.

Whether it’s winter or summertime, I always like to mist my plants early in the morning to simulate the moisture from early morning dew.  Light, early morning misting (a couple of times a week) is definitely the best way to hydrate Angraecum leonis plants through the more arduous winter months.  Whilst during the growing season, which starts in April or May and runs through until the end of September, Angraecum leonis plants enjoy more substantial rainfall in the wild, and this increase in misting should be replicated for cultivated plants.  Daily early morning misting is appreciated by most Angraecum leonis plants from April through until the end of September

This orchid species is happy growing in semi-shaded conditions.  Position Angraecum leonis in a location where your orchid will enjoy soft filtered lighting.  Harsh, direct, or intense lighting should be avoided at all costs; as strong sunlight is likely to scorch or damage Angraecum leonis‘ sensitive leaves.

Angraecum leonis favours warm temperatures throughout the year, with drier conditions lasting from April through until the end of September.

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