Angraecum pectinatum

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Africa, Madagascar, Reunion Island

Angraecum pectinatum is a miniature, epiphytic orchid species that originates from Madagascar, where this orchid can be found growing upon the branches and trunks of trees, growing in areas of humid forest.

This orchid species favours growing under filtered, diffused light, in a warm to hot environment, where the humidity levels are high, and there’s constant air circulation and continual air movement around the plant and its roots.

Angraecum pectinatum is a spring flowering orchid species, which produces small, white flowers, which seem to be in perfect scale and proportion with the size of the plant.

For the best chance of success with this orchid species, I’d advise you to try to replicate Angraecum pectinatum‘s natural growing conditions in the wild.  So, you could try growing this orchid in warm to hot temperatures, but you’ll need to ensure that you can provide very humid conditions for your plant.  Choose a location that receives diffused, filtered, indirect light.  You may want to grow Angraecum pectinatum inside a terrarium, orchidarium, or vivarium, that has a fan, to keep the air circulating around the plant.

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