Angraecum viguieri

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Africa, Madagascar

Angraecum viguieri is a small to medium sized orchid species that is endemic to Madagascar.  This orchid species is another epiphyte – a plant that grows upon another plant.  Angraecum viguieri is not a parasitic plant; this orchid species takes no sustenance or nutrients from its host.  However, Angraecum viguieri enjoys improved growing conditions and air circulation, due to being raised up by its host plant.

In the wild, this orchid species experiences seasonal changes in the weather that bring much wetter and drier seasons.  Angraecum viguieri grows well in bright light and sunny areas.  Plants require a period of wetter growing conditions, followed by a period of drier growing conditions to echo those this orchid species enjoys in its homeland of central Madagascar.

Angraecum viguieri produce the most colourful flowers I’ve seen on any Angraecum species.  The lip of Angraecum viguieri blooms are white but this orchid species’ blooms are highlighted with almost glowing tints of yellow, orange, brown, and green on the petals and sepals.  The colourings vary from one plant to another, some plants are more colourful and vibrant than others.

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