Anthemis punctata subsp. cupaniana

Family: Asteraceae

Anthemis punctata subsp. cupaniana is an evergreen, mat forming, perennial plant, with finely cut silvery green leaves.  In May, June, and July, Anthemis punctata subsp. cupaniana produces pretty daisy flowers that grow to around 30cm (2ft) tall.

Anthemis punctata subsp. cupaniana is a really useful drought tolerant plant, that produces long lasting, yellow centred, white daisy flowers, which are attractive to bees, hoverflies, butterflies, and other pollinating insects.

Plant Anthemis punctata subsp. cupaniana in any well-drained soil.  Site your Anthemis punctata subsp. cupaniana plants in a position where your plant will be able to bask in uninterrupted sunshine.

Anthemis punctata subsp. cupaniana is only hardy to around -10C (14F), so to ensure your plants survive to the following year, take cuttings of your plants and overwinter your Anthemis in a sheltered spot, away from the worst of the winter weather.  If you can, take cuttings of this Anthemis and grow them in the protected climate inside a glasshouse, or under a cold frame – if you have one, away from the winter wet, to ensure you can enjoy this pretty daisy next year.

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