Anthemis tinctoria

Family: Asteraceae

Countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Europe, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Mediterranean, Middle East, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Yugoslavia

You can’t miss Anthemis tinctoria when it’s in flower, as these glowing, sunny yellow daisies really stand out across the garden.  Anthemis tinctoria is commonly known as Dyer’s Chamomile, as the flowers and stems of this plant can be used to dye fabrics and other materials.  Plants flower in the summer time.  In the UK, Anthemis tinctoria usually blooms during June, July, and August.

This is not a UK native, it’s an introduced plant that originates from Southern, Eastern, and Central Europe; although Anthemis tinctoria now often grows as a wildflower in the UK.  It’s a great choice of plant for a meadow area or a herbaceous border.  Anthemis tinctoria is a drought tolerant plant that needs no special care or attention.  Don’t expect it to live forever though – Anthemis tinctoria plants usually die when they are two or three years old.  Plants will self seed, if you let them.

Grow in full sunshine, in any well-drained soil.  Sow seeds of Anthemis tinctoria directly where you want your plants to flower.  Scatter seeds in February, March, or April; or sow Anthemis tinctoria seeds in August, September, or October, when the seeds from your plants have ripened.  Early spring sown plants may flower the same year.  Seeds sown in late summer or autumn will bloom the following year.

This is a short lived perennial that’s delightfully cheerful, great fun, and easy to grow.  Plants grow to around 60cm (2ft) tall.

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