Anthurium ‘Mini Jungle’

Family: Araceae

Countries: Americas, Mexico, North America

Anthurium ‘Mini Jungle’ is an evergreen perennial.  This hybrid Anthurium is a tender plant that can be grown outdoors in a warm climate, or indoors in the cooler regions of the world, where Anthurium ‘Mini Jungle’ makes a fantastic houseplant or a good choice for a terrarium plant if you’re planting an open, drier terrarium.

Anthurium ‘Mini Jungle’ flourishes when it’s grown under bright, but indirect light.  Avoid growing this plant in a location where it will receive harsh or direct light, as too intense a light will damage this plant’s leaves.

Anthurium ‘Mini Jungle’, like other Anthuriums, doesn’t like to be overwatered.  Ensure that the soil around your plant’s roots is allowed to dry out before you next water your plant.  This Anthurium can be grown as an epiphyte, mounted onto cork bark, in this instance, mounted Anthurium plants need to be misted daily.  Alternatively, Anthurium ‘Mini Jungle’ can be grown on rocks, where it will also need regular care and frequent misting, or you could plant your Anthurium ‘Mini Jungle’ in an open, free draining, peat-free compost.   You can mix a peat-free orchid compost with a coir compost, to create a great compost for your Anthurium plants, or you can mix a coir compost with pieces of bark and some charcoal.

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