Asparagus setaceus

Family: Asparagaceae

Countries: Africa, South Africa

Asparagus setaceus is such a delicate and attractive looking plant; I love its ferny foliage!  Asparagus setaceus is often referred to as the Asparagus fern – it’s not actually a true fern, it’s a plant that resembles a fern.  This tuberous perennial is so pretty, especially as a young plant, when its fresh green foliage is so fine and light, it’s such an attractive plant to have around.

Asparagus sectaceus is a tender plant, which grows best in an environment where temperatures fall no lower than 13C (55F), during the coldest winter nights.

Find a special place for your Asparagus setaceus plant.  Look for a position where your plant will enjoy bright but indirect light, or partially shaded conditions.  Always ensure that your plant is grown away from harsh sunlight and don’t forget that the light your plant receives will change throughout the day.  It’s important to ensure that your Asparagus setaceus plant is protected from the harsh rays of the intense midday sun.  Plant Asparagus sectaceous in a peat free compost.  Ensure that your plant’s compost is kept moist, but the growing medium is well drained – don’t allow your plant to sit in water – it won’t thank you!

Asparagus setaceus flourishes in a humid environment.  This is a great choice of plant to grow in a bathroom, or to plant in a terrarium, vivarium, or bottle garden.

I know that some folk find Asparagus setaceus tricky to grow, so I was keen to include this Asparagus setaceus specimen in the BiOrbAir to see how well it grew inside this terrarium.  I positioned the Asparagus setaceus specimen at the back of my planting, hoping it would grow well inside this terrarium and provide some extra height to my planting scheme.

You can find out how well this Asparagus setaceus specimen grew inside the BiOrbAir terrarium, in the first part of my BiOrbAir review.  This link will take you straight to the trial update, which was written at the time when this fern was first introduced to this particular terrarium.  You can follow this Asparagus setaceus specimen’s growth and development in this, and the continuing trial updates.

NB. When I purchased this Asparagus setaceus specimen it was labelled as Asparagus plumosus, this is another commonly used name for this naturally climbing twining plant.

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