Asplenium bulbiferum

Family: Aspleniaceae

Countries: New Zealand

Asplenium bulbiferum is a very beautiful subtropical fern from New Zealand.  I adore the light and airy, carrot top like fronds that Asplenium bulbiferum produces; overall it has a very graceful appearance.

This fern grows as an epiphyte – the ferns grow upon other plants, instead of growing as a terrestrial plant that grows with its roots in the soil.  I mount my Asplenium bulbiferum ferns on their own individual pieces of cork bark and gently secure their roots in place with a strip of material cut from an old pair of stockings.  I find that Asplenium bulbiferum ferns grow very happily inside my various terrariums and bottle gardens.

I mist my Asplenium bulbiferum ferns with rainwater and occasionally give them a mist of orchid feed during the spring and summer months.  My Asplenium bulbiferum ferns are all raised inside terrariums and bottle gardens with a range of light levels, from low level light to light shade.  I take care to ensure my Asplenium bulbiferum ferns are not exposed to direct or intense sunlight or harsh lighting.  I have successfully grown this fern inside bottle gardens without any additional lighting other than sunlight, and in terrariums with supplementary LED lighting.

Also known as the ‘Mother Fern’, Asplenium bulbiferum produces brand new baby ferns on the tips of its fronds.  The baby ferns are easy to detach and grow on to form new plants.  The immature ferns are far more vulnerable than mature Asplenium bulbiferum ferns.  Whilst the ferns are young, take care to ensure that their roots don’t dry out too much before you mist the plants or water them again; however, the tiny ferns could be liable to rot if they are grown too wet – it’s important to get a balance.

Asplenium bulbiferum has a minimum night time temperature of around 10C (50F).  I try to avoid the temperatures in my home dropping below 15C (60F).  This fern seems happiest for me in temperatures from 16C to 24C (60F to 75F).

In the wild, Asplenium bulbiferum hails from Antipodes Island, Chatham Island, Mariana Islands, New Zealand North Island and New Zealand South Island.  I’ve been growing this fern for around ten years; my mature Asplenium bulbiferum ferns never reach more than 15cm-20cm (6- 8 inches) height, and spread around 15cm (6 inches) wide.

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