Asplenium fissum

Family: Aspleniaceae

Countries: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Europe, Germany, Greece, Iran, Italy, Middle East, Yugoslavia

I adore Asplenium fissum!  I’ve been growing these gorgeous ferns for about seven years now.  I really appreciate Asplenium fissum’s miniature size and endearing character and habit; I’m always finding myself admiring this fern’s decorative appearance and elegance.  Perfectly sized for terrariums, Asplenium fissum is a miniature fern that won’t grow taller than 20cm tall.  I must admit that most of my plants are smaller than this – many of my Asplenium fissum ferns have grown up to around 15cm tall.

Asplenium fissum is a miniature fern species that hails from Central and South-Eastern Europe, and Iran.  I’m growing my Asplenium fissum ferns inside glass terrariums and bottle gardens.  I’ve found that these ferns readily produce new plants; once you have one Asplenium fissum fern you’ll soon have more!  Asplenium fissum ferns send out runners in all directions, each runner will form a new fern, and so before long you’ll end up with a divine mini fern forest.  For this reason, I would always plant Asplenium fissum inside a terrarium that gave the fern adequate room to grow and spread; you won’t need a tall bottle garden or a huge enclosure, just sufficient space for your fern to spread out its tentacles ready to produce new and future generations.

This is a tender fern that needs to be grown in warm temperatures.  My heating broke in January 2023 and out of the countless Asplenium fissum ferns I had growing in different terrariums and packed in various containers, only two small fragments of this fern survived.  Thankfully I have managed to grow these mini ferns on and so I have hopefully ensured that I’ll always have this fern in my collection.  I’d advise growing Asplenium fissum in warm, consistent temperatures that never drop below a minimum winter night time temperature of 16C (60F).

I’ve grown Asplenium fissum in a range of different growing mediums.  My photograph above shows some of my Asplenium fissum ferns growing in a glass terrarium filled with a blend of spent peat-free compost, coir, vermiculite, and perlite.  This terrarium is placed in a fairly shaded position but I have also grown Asplenium fissum successfully in brighter lighting, it does well in bright, indirect light but avoid harsh or direct light.   This dainty fern is easy to grow, charming, and delightful!

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