Asplenium species

Family: Aspleniaceae

I bought this young Asplenium from a garden centre.  The fern was in an area dedicated to terrarium plants with the pot simply labelled as ‘fern mix’.  I am uncertain what species or cultivar this fern is – I just know it’s an Asplenium.

As this fern grows and matures it is very likely to outgrow its terrarium, but that’s OK with me – I can enjoy this fern now and move it to a larger enclosure, or grow this fern as a houseplant at a later date.  You’ll be able to follow this fern’s growth and development in my upcoming BiOrb AIR 30 terrarium updates.

Many plants sold in garden centres as terrarium plants are actually baby plants and seedlings that will eventually outgrow a standard sized terrarium or bottle garden.  Fast-growing plants may need to be moved on after six months or less – so it’s worth determining a bit more about your plant before making a purchase.  I am not expecting to have to move this Asplenium for a while, but you’ll be able to follow this fern’s future success or failure in my updates.

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