Athyrium spicatum

Family: Pteridaceae

Countries: Africa, Madagascar

Athyrium spicatum is a borderline-hardy fern, from Madagascar.  This small-sized fern produces gently arching fronds, in a lovely shade of leaf-green.

I think that this fern has a shape and form that most people would instantly recognise as being a fern.  It’s a handsome, attractive fern with a pleasing habit and pretty fronds.

This fern thrives when grown in a semi-shaded to shaded position in a humid environment, such as a terrarium or large sized bottle garden.  Athyrium spicatum makes a super terrarium plant, for a large-sized terrarium.  Many bottle gardens are too small – they would be unable to accommodate this fern.  Please do make sure that you have enough room inside your enclosure to accommodate Athyrium spicatum, before you make a purchase.  Remember that you need to allow room for your growing medium and drainage layer, as well as space for the fern itself.

Athyrium spicatum ferns grow to around 30cm (1ft) tall and about 40cm (1.3ft) wide, depending on the particular fern’s growing conditions.

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