Barbosella dusenii

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Americas, Brazil, South America

Barbosella dusenii is a super cute, mini miniature orchid species.  These plants really are tiny.  Barbosella dusenii plants have a naturally low growing, creeping stature.  If you gave this plant just a cursory glance, you might think that this orchid has something of a resemblance to moss, as the two have a similarly prostrate nature in their growth and form .  Barbosella dusenii plants produce these gorgeous little leaves.  This is a close up photograph that I’ve taken of one of my plants.  Barbosella dusenii leaves measure just a few millimetres in size – they really are minute!

In late summer and autumn, Barbosella dusenii plants produce slender flowering stems that hold pale, golden ochre coloured flowers, which are a little like Restrepias in their form and character.  For the diminutive size of the plant, Barbosella dusenii blooms really are huge!  But even when they’re not in flower, I think Barbosella dusenii plants are so pretty; I love this orchid species.  This would be a great choice of orchid for an indoor fairy garden.

Barbosella dusenii is an epiphytic orchid species, that is happiest when it is grown mounted onto a piece of cork bark or mounted onto a branch or another piece of wood.  Plants have a prostrate, mat forming growth habit.  Barbosella dusenii plants creep over branches or pieces of cork bark, in the same manner that a lichen or moss species would grow and spread.  This is not an orchid that will form a taller plant over time, Barbosella dusenii really is a micro miniature orchid species.

Barbosella dusenii grows wild in the cloud forests of Brazil.  Plants require frequent misting, as they flourish in a very humid environment, with soft, indirect light, and temperatures that never fall below 13C (55F).

My Barbosella dusenii plants are misted seven times a week.   I would suggest that this orchid species requires daily misting.  Depending on the plant’s growing conditions, some plants will need to be misted at least twice daily, in the summertime.

I’ve grown my Barbosella dusenii plants in a semi shaded position, where they receive only indirect, filtered light.  These mini miniature orchids are ideally suited to growing inside terrariums, vivariums, or orchidariums, as Barbosella dusenii thrive in a very humid environment, with humidity levels of 75%RH or higher.

My Barbosella dusenii plants are grown in cool to intermediate temperatures.  To see my Barbosella dusenii plant in flower, please click here.

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