Begonia Beleaf Lima Love

Family: Begoniaceae

Begonia Beleaf Lima Love = ‘Krbelle01’ (PBR) makes a handsome houseplant.  This is quite a striking plant, with its lime green coloured leaves.  The foliage is quite amazing to look at; each Begonia Beleaf Lima Love leaf is highlighted with a dark maroon coloured edging.  The darker markings resemble short rays, they radiate outwards, encircling each of this Begonia cultivar’s leaves.  Plants form a naturally rounded shape, their decorative leaves overlapping one another, to form a stocky, bushy specimen.

Find a partially shaded spot, or an area where your Begonia Beleaf Lima Love plants will be able to enjoy bright, but indirect light.  This is a flexible plant, which can also grow well in the shade.  Avoid the harsh midday and afternoon sunshine.

Position your plant in a warm room, well away from any cold draughts – avoid entrance halls, front, and back doors.  Begonia Beleaf Lima Love plants grow best in a room with a warm, even temperature.  This is a tender plant that won’t withstand a frost or cold winter temperatures.  Protect your plants and ensure your Begonia Beleaf Lima Love plants are not exposed to temperatures below 13C (55F).  Plants thrive in temperatures from 18C (65F) to 26C (80F).

Begonia Beleaf Lima Love plants thrive in a humid environment, they flourish in a steamy bathroom.  You can mist your plants with water to increase the humidity levels around the plant.  As your Begonia Beleaf Lima Love plant grows, remove any dead or damaged leaves as soon as you spot them.  Water your plant regularly, but take care not to over water your Begonia Beleaf Lima Love plants.  Allow your plant’s compost to dry out a little, before watering your plant again.

Each Begonia Beleaf Lima Love plant’s eventual size and shape will depend on a plant’s particular growing conditions.  Begonia Beleaf Lima Love plants usually grow to around 30cm (12 inches) tall.

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