Betula pendula FASTIGIATA JOES (‘Jolep 1’)

Family: Betulaceae

Betula pendula FASTIGIATA JOES (‘Jolep 1’) is a tall – 16.5ft (5m) or more, yet very narrow tree, which produces upright growth, which will grow no wider than 3ft (1m) across, making this tree a super choice for a small garden.

All too often, I see gardeners with small gardens making the mistake of choosing too many dwarf plants that are small in size and stature, creating a garden that is very low, with the area of interest at eye level being non existent.  A small garden can be really enhanced by the planting of a few choice, taller growing plants.  I think that a tall, but narrow tree like this silver birch is a great choice for both smaller gardens and large gardens, depending on the size of the space available, you may want to plant multiple specimens.  As part of a good garden design, the extra height that this silver birch will bring to a garden adds intrigue and interest, as well as providing great perches for birds, making this tree a good choice if you’re looking to encourage wildlife into your garden.

Betula pendula FASTIGIATA JOES (‘Jolep 1’) is a deciduous tree, the leaves turn a buttery yellow before falling in the autumn.

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