Brachypeza semiteretifolia

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Vietnam

Brachypeza semiteretifolia is an epiphytic, miniature orchid species that originates from Vietnam, where this plant can be found growing on the branches of evergreen trees, in lowland forests.

Brachypeza semiteretifolia doesn’t have a set flowering time, this miniature orchid can flower at any time of year.  Brachypeza semiteretifolia produces attractive white, crystalline flowers, which produce a delightfully powerful, sweet and heady fragrance.

I have two Brachypeza semiteretifolia specimens that I feature in my regular terrarium reviews and trial updates.  To head straight to the White Orchid Trial instalment that was written when this Brachypeza semiteretifolia specimen (the same plant that you see pictured above) started to produce its first flower spike, please click here.  To head straight the the White Orchid Trial instalment that was written when this same miniature orchid opened its first flower, please click here.

To head straight to the instalment that was written as the second Brachypeza semiteretifolia specimen came into bud, please click here.  Alternatively, please click here to see this same Brachypeza semiteretifolia specimen in flower.

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