Broad Bean ‘Crimson Flowered’

Family: Fabaceae

Countries: Asia, Iran, Mediterranean, Middle East

Crimson flowered broad beans are great fun!  These rather glamorous plants are the crimson flowered form of broad beans.  Plants produce large cerise coloured flowers, which are followed by green broad bean pods, filled with green broad beans.

Broad bean ‘Crimson Flowered’ (also known by their botanical name of Vicia faba) are superb plants for bumble bees who delight in feeding on their flowers’ nectar.

Sow crimson flowered broad beans from February to May.  Choose a sunny location in a moist, but well-drained soil.

Crimson flowered broad beans grow up to 90cm (35″) tall.  It’s easy to support broad bean plants using sticks or canes and lengths of twine (see my Twine Trial for the strongest, longest lasting twines).  Insert two tall sturdy sticks or bamboo canes – one at either side of your row of broad bean plants; do the same at the other end of your row.  Then insert two more canes – one at either side of the middle of your row.  Lastly, tie the end of your ball of twine to one of your canes and then unravel the twine until you reach the next cane, twist the twine around the next cane and then off you go again with your twine to the next cane.  Continue until you’ve created a support that will stop your broad bean plants flopping over.  Add a higher length of twine around your broad bean plants as they grow, as I’ve done for the crimson flowered broad bean plants you can see in my photograph.

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