Broad Bean ‘Robin Hood’

Family: Fabaceae

Broad Bean ‘Robin Hood’ is a dwarf broad bean.  If you’re looking for vegetables to grow in containers, Broad bean ‘Robin Hood’ is an ideal choice.  Broad Bean ‘Robin Hood’ is a green seeded broad bean, which grows to just 30-40cm (12-16 inches) tall.

In Southern areas of the UK, broad bean seeds can be successfully sown in containers from early February onwards.  If you’re sowing seeds directly in the soil or gardening in cooler areas of the country, sow your broad bean seed outside, during March, April, and May.

I have grown this particular broad bean in containers of peat free compost, on a number of occasions.  I’ve sown my seeds outdoors, in my UK garden, without any protection, from late winter to early springtime, so far I have not lost any plants to frost or cold weather.

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