Buddleja ‘Ellen’s Blue’

Family: Scrophulariaceae

Buddleja ‘Ellen’s Blue’ is a hardy shrub that produces violet coloured flowers, during the summer months.  This Buddleja cultivar was a chance seedling that was discovered growing near other Buddleja cultivars, in Ellen Hornig’s garden, in New York, America.  Hence, Buddleja ‘Ellen’s Blue’ is named after Ellen Hornig.

Grow Buddleja ‘Ellen’s Blue’ in a bright and sunny position, where your plants will be able to feel the full warmth and light from the sunshine.  Plants favour well drained soils, they don’t establish well in wet or waterlogged sites.  This is an easy to grow, drought tolerant plant that flowers over a long period, during the summertime.  Regular dead-heading of this Buddleja’s spent blooms will significantly extend this plant’s flowering period.

Buddleja ‘Ellen’s Blue’ plants grow to around 1m-1.5m (3ft-5ft) tall, and around the same size widthways in their first and second years.  I have found that in subsequent years, these Buddlejas do indeed grow taller; my plant is now over six years old and it has reached almost 2.3m (8ft) tall, and around 1m (3ft) wide this season.  They form handsome shrubs with upright growth that are narrower than they are tall; making Buddleja ‘Ellen’s Blue’ a good choice for a small garden.  If you wanted to maintain smaller plants, one option would be to take cuttings and replace your plants every three or four years.

Prune Buddleja ‘Ellen’s Blue’ from the middle of February to the middle of April.  These plants flower on their current year’s late spring and summer growth.  For best results, give your plants a hard prune in early spring, cutting just after buds on low branches.  It’s nice to leave the seed heads over winter, as they provide food for birds.

Buddleja ‘Ellen’s Blue’ is a deciduous shrub.  Plants lose their leaves during autumn and wintertime.  New, green-grey coloured leaves grow again, each spring and summertime.

This Buddleja cultivar has been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society’s prestigious Award of Garden Merit (AGM), for plants that perform well, given appropriate conditions, without the need for any specialist care or attention.

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