Buddleja ‘Pink Delight’

Family: Scrophulariaceae

Buddleja ‘Pink Delight’ is a fully hardy, medium sized shrub with a naturally bushy habit.  This Buddleja cultivar produces panicles of pink, scented flowers, over a long period, during the summer time.  To extend your plant’s flowering, be prompt in actively dead-heading your Buddleja plant’s flowers, as they fade.

This Buddleja cultivar has been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society’s prestigious Award of Garden Merit.  This is presented to plants that perform well, given appropriate conditions, without any specialist care or attention.

Buddleja ‘Pink Delight’ is slightly smaller in stature than many Buddleja cultivars.  Mature or established Buddleja ‘Pink Delight’ plants will grow up to around 2m (6.5ft) tall, but newly planted or young plants will grow to just a fraction of this size, in their first year.  Buddleja ‘Pink Delight’ plants will increase in both size and height, during their second year after planting.  These plants may continue to develop into larger plants during the plant’s third, and fourth years after planting, with their eventual height being around the 2m (6.5ft) mark, depending on a plant’s growing conditions.

Plant Buddleja ‘Pink Delight’ in a position where your Buddleja can bake in full sunshine.  This medium sized, deciduous shrub is a fully hardy plant that will grow in any well drained soil.

Prune Buddleja ‘Pink Delight’ from the middle of February to the middle of April.  It’s advisable to prune this plant in early spring in the warmer Southern regions. and nearer to April in colder or more Northerly locations.  These plants flower on their current year’s late spring and summer growth.  For best results, give your plants a hard prune in spring, cutting just after buds on low branches.

Buddleja ‘Pink Delight’ is a deciduous shrub; these plants lose their leaves during autumn and wintertime.  New leaves will grow again in late spring and early summertime.

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