Bulbophyllum sessile

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Fiji, Java, Laos, Malaysia, Molouccas, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Thailand, Vietnam

Bulbophyllum sessile is a miniature orchid species.  This epiphytic orchid originates from a number of places in South East Asia, including: Fiji, Burma, Java, Laos, Malaysia, New Guinea, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.  This little orchid can be seen growing on the small, twiggy branches of trees, it’s usually found growing in areas of evergreen forest.

Bulbophyllum sessile flourishes in cool and intermediate, to warm temperatures.  Plants grow best under bright, filtered or indirect light, in humid conditions, with good air circulation.

This diminutive orchid species produces small yellow and orange coloured flowers, which are very well proportioned to the size of the plant and are borne in profusion.  If you’re growing Bulbophyllum sessile, it’s worth remembering that this orchid species’ blooms are held close to the plant, the flowers are positioned along the plant’s flowering stems, making the inflorescences less visible in comparison to orchids that produce a more dramatic floral display, so do take time to check your plants regularly, as this orchid’s blooms are not long lived, so you could miss your plant’s flowering, which would be a shame!

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