Callisia repens ‘Turtle Bambino’

Family: Commelinaceae

Callisia repens ‘Turtle Bambino’ is a small, evergreen perennial succulent, with a naturally bushy, creeping spreading growth habit  Plants produce many tiny grey-green coloured ovate leaves.  The underside of each leaf is tinged with purple.

This is tender plant that grows well in warm conditions.  Ensure your plants are always protected from cold temperatures of 12C (55F) and below.  Callisia repens ‘Turtle Bambino’ is a sweet little houseplant, that thrives in a partially shaded room.  Plant in a pot filled with a good quality, peat free compost with added grit to improve drainage.  Water your plants with rainwater and allow the compost to almost dry out before you water again.

Plants can produce trailing growth, making them ideal for hanging baskets or containers.  If your Callisia repens ‘Turtle Bambino’ plant becomes a little straggly, just give it a light trim to encourage new bushier growth.

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