Carrot ‘Short n Sweet’

Family: Apiaceae

Carrot ‘Short n Sweet’ (Daucus carota ‘Short n Sweet’) is a brand new carrot from Burpee Europe that has been especially bred to cope with poor and heavy soils.  These carrots produce orange-coloured, small sized carrots that tend to produce carrots measuring up to 10cm (4 inches) in length.

I’ve enjoyed growing ‘Short n Sweet’ in my garden.  I’ve found ‘Short n Sweet’ to be superb carrot to grow in containers.  These carrots have a crisp texture and a sweet flavour.  ‘Short n Sweet’ carrots are easy to grow – I’d recommend them.

Choose a bright and sunny or partially shaded location to sow ‘Short n Sweet’ carrot seeds.  Most carrots need moist but well-drained soils; these vegetable don’t tend to amount to much when sown in a heavy or claggy soil; however, ‘Short n Sweet’ carrots have been selected to grow in less than ideal conditions.  If you don’t usually do well with carrots, give ‘Short n Sweet’ carrots a try!

In the UK, we can sow Carrot ‘Short n Sweet’ seeds from March to the end of July (early spring to midsummer).  Sow a row of seeds every week or two to produce a continuous harvest of carrots.

Carrot Fly is a troublesome pest for carrot growers, but any problems are easily avoided by simply covering your plants to prevent the Carrot Fly from being able to access your carrots.  Immediately after sowing carrot seeds, cover with a finely woven protective barrier, like Enviromesh.  I create a bubble shaped cover over my carrot containers and then I tie the Enviromesh in place around the planter, using twine.  For soil-grown carrots, create a tunnel shape using Enviromesh and secure firmly in place using metal hooks made from small sections of metal wire bent into ‘u’ shapes, and pin at regular intervals.

Whether you’re growing a row of carrots in the ground or a container, when covering your carrots, remember to leave sufficient space for your carrots’ foliage to develop underneath the cover – the leaves need access to light and air, and room to grow.

Remember to water your carrots during times of drought.

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