Ceratostylis philippinensis

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Philippines

Ceratostylis philippinensis is a miniature orchid species, which as its name suggests, originates from the Philippines. Ceratostylis philippinensis produces many very fragrant, sweetly scented, white flowers that are about 1cm (0.4 inch) in size.

If you’re thinking of growing this miniature orchid, ensure that you can offer your plant growing conditions that remain constantly and reliably above a minimum temperature of 12 C (53F).  Ceratostylis philippinensis favours growing under filtered diffused light, away from bright direct or intense light.

I have found that for best results Ceratostylis philippinensis requires constant air movement around the plant and its roots.  This miniature orchid favours growing in constant conditions, making it an ideal plant for indoor terrariums, placed inside the centre of the home, well away from front doors, where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate too widely.

This miniature orchid grows best when mounted on cork or other tree bark.  Ceratostylis pristina favours intermediate temperatures, and high humidity.  I have found that Ceratostylis species favour growing inside a terrarium or vivarium that has a fan working in constant operation, to ensure that there is always good air flow and constant air circulation around the plant.  This would not be an orchid that I would recommend for a bottle garden, but this Ceratostylis species is a great choice of plant for a terrarium or vivarium with a fan to provide continual air circulation and optimum growing conditions for the plants from this miniature orchid species.

I planted a Ceratostylis philippinensis specimen inside my BiOrbAir terrarium.  You can see more photographs and see how this miniature orchid is growing in the second part of my long-term review of the BiOrbAir – this link takes you straight to the trial update which was written at the time when this miniature orchid was introduced to this terrarium.

I then planted a second Ceratostylis philippinensis specimen inside my Miniature Orchid Trial BiOrbAir Terrarium.  To head straight to the update that was written as I introduced this plant to my terrarium, please click here.  You can observe this plant’s growth and development via this link and in the continuing trial updates that follow.

Alternatively, to head straight to the update that shows this Ceratostylis philippinensis specimen’s first flowering inside my Miniature Orchid Trial BiOrbAir Terrarium, please click here.

To see this same Ceratostylis philippinensis specimen’s second flowering, please click here.

To see this same Ceratostylis philippinensis specimen’s third flowering, please click here.  This plant’s third flowering was the plant’s most abundant blooming inside the BiOrbAir terrarium, with the most flowers produced simultaneously, so far.

To see this same Ceratostylis philippinensis specimen’s fourth flowering inside my Miniature Orchid Trial BiOrbAir Terrarium, please click here.

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