Ceratostylis pristina

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Philippines

Ceratostylis pristina, is a newly described species of miniature, epiphytic orchid that originates from the Kalatungan mountain range, in the Philippines.  Ceratostylis pristina, produces beautiful, pure white, crystalline flowers, which at  about 1-2cm (0.5″) are very large in comparison to the size of the plant.  This orchid looks really rather beautiful, it can appear almost magical as the sunlight sparkles over its flowers in the morning.

This miniature orchid grows best when mounted on cork or other tree bark.  Ceratostylis pristina favours intermediate temperatures, and high humidity.  I have found that Ceratostylis species favour growing inside a terrarium or vivarium that has a fan working in constant operation, to ensure that there is always good air flow and constant air circulation around the plant.  This would not be an orchid that I would choose for a bottle garden, but this Ceratostylis is a great choice of plant for a terrarium or vivarium with a fan to provide optimum growing conditions for the plants from this Ceratopstylis genus.

Ceratostylis pristina grows to a maximum height of 15cm (6″).  The plants tend to form a ball shape as they grow and develop and begin to attain to their maximum size.

To head straight to the update that was written as this Ceratostylis pristina specimen began flowering, please click here, where you’ll find photographs of this miniature orchid in bloom.  This is a very floriferous miniature orchid; as a consequence in most of my updates below you can see this same Ceratostylis pristina plant in bloom and you have the opportunity to follow this plant’s growth and development through the years.

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