Chilli Pepper Ponky Pepper Spicy Jane

Family: Solanaceae

Chilli Pepper Ponky Pepper Spicy Jane is a new chilli pepper that was introduced by Suttons Seeds, in 2019.  This dwarf chilli pepper has been especially bred for gardeners with limited space, as this chilli plant can be successfully grown in a hanging basket or another small sized container.

Ponky Pepper Spicy Jane chilli plants produce many small to medium sized chillies, which soon ripen, changing colour from green to bright red.  These chillies are described as having a medium heat.  Chilli Pepper Ponky Pepper Spicy Jane chilli peppers have a heat reading of 30,000+ SHU.

This is a drought tolerant plant, which grows best when watered early in the morning, so that the plant’s roots have dried out by late afternoon.  I tend to water my chilli plants early in the day.  Certainly, the latest that I would consider watering my chillies would be around 12 noon.

I plant my chillies in gritty, free draining, peat free compost.  These plants favour a warm, sunny spot.  They are tender perennials, that will not survive British winters without the protection of a heated glasshouse.  I’ve successfully over-wintered chilli plants on a window sill.  If you’re attempting to over-winter your chilli plants, I would advise you to ensure that your plants are grown in peat free, free-draining compost.  These plants don’t cope well in wet conditions, so make sure that you use a planter with drainage holes, to allow the water to escape, when watering.  Chillies need careful watering early in the day, plants require only careful, occasional watering in wintertime.

Chilli Pepper Ponky Pepper Spicy Jane plants grow up to 30cm (12 inches) tall.  The plants trail around their hanging basket or container.

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