Chilli Pepper ‘Trinidad Perfume’

Family: Solanaceae

Chilli pepper ‘Trinidad Perfume’ (Capsicum chinense) is a ‘no heat’ or ‘heatless’ Habanero chilli pepper with a truly gentle flavour.  ‘Trinidad Perfume’ chilli peppers can be enjoyed raw or used in culinary dishes; these lovely chilli peppers have a mild flavour, rather like a sweet green pepper, but with added perfume.

‘Trinidad Perfume’ chilli pepper plants produce green fruits that ripen slowly to a very pretty yellow colour.  These chilli peppers have a lovely gentle flavour at every stage of their development.  ‘Trinidad Perfume’ chilli peppers are popular with children and anyone who doesn’t enjoy the heat of traditional chilli peppers.

Not all chilli peppers are hot. ‘Trinidad Perfume’ is a chilli pepper with no heat whatsoever.

In the UK, the ideal time to sow chilli pepper ‘Trinidad Perfume’ seeds is from January to March.  I find that chilli peppers are slow growing vegetables, so plants raised from earlier sowings will be more productive and will produce a greater harvest of ripe chillies before the end of the summer season.  Chilli peppers are tender plants that need warm temperatures of 20-30C (68-86F) to germinate.  Once your seeds have germinated, chilli pepper seedlings need to be grown in a warm, protected environment, where the night time temperatures won’t ever fall below a minimum temperature of 15C (59F) and daytime temperatures are ideally warmer.

Chilli pepper ‘Trinidad Perfume’ can be grown in containers of fertile, free draining, peat free composts; or alternatively, you could plant these chilli peppers outside (after all risk of frost has passed) in the beds and borders of your garden or allotment.  Choose a warm and sunny, sheltered location with free-draining soil.  Avoid waterlogged soils or shaded sites.

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