Chiloschista lunifera

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Assam, Himalayas, India, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand

Chiloschista lunifera is a epiphytic orchid species, which grows on trees, in areas of deciduous and semi deciduous forest in Myanmar, India, Assam, and the Himalayas.  Chiloschista lunifera is a small, naturally leafless orchid species, which produces striking, dark red-maroon flowers, which are outlined in a vibrant lime-yellow colour.

To grow at its best, Chiloschista lunifera requires filtered and diffused, indirect light, warm to hot temperatures, and a very humid environment.  I grow my plants mounted onto cork or other tree branches.  I never use any moss when mounting my plants, as I find that this orchid species favours being grown on bare wood, so that its roots can perform all of their functions unhindered and the plants can dry out more quickly.

Chiloschista lunifera has a naturally drier resting period during the winter time in the plant’s native environment, so, if you choose to grow this orchid yourself, you will need to replicate these conditions by incorporating a winter routine, where your plants experience a slightly less humid, but still humid environment, with a reduction in watering.  It is important that you still water your plants regularly, although on fewer occasions during their ‘dry’ period.  Water your plants early in the morning and ensure that you allow your plants to be able to dry out completely between each watering.

If you’re interested, you can see this Chiloschista lunifera specimen in bloom in this update.

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