Cryptopus dissectus

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Africa, Madagascar

Cryptopus dissectus is a critically endangered orchid species.  This is a small sized orchid species, with stems that grow up to around 30-40cm (12-16 inches) long.  In springtime, Cryptopus dissectus plants produce beautiful yellow and green toned flowers.

This forest dwelling orchid species is critically endangered, as a consequence of human expansion and the destruction of this plant’s natural habitat.  The few remaining plants that are left in the wild are also threatened, due to the over collection of plants for the orchid trade.  The clearing of forest areas where the remaining colonies of Cryptopus dissectus plants grow has resulted in this orchid species becoming more and more scarce.  This makes me feel very sad indeed, we need to protect these important wild habitats and the rare orchids and other plants that grow here.

Cryptopus dissectus is a special orchid that’s endemic to the humid, mossy, evergreen forests of Madagascar.  The remaining Cryptopus dissectus plants grow in a restricted area of Eastern Madagascar, at ranges between 500m and 1000m above sea level.  This orchid grows an epiphyte – on trees and bushes, and as a lithophyte – on rocks.  Cryptopus dissectus requires very humid growing conditions.

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