Cyclamen persicum

Family: Primulaceae

Countries: Africa, Algeria, Cyprus, Europe, Greece, Lebanon, Middle East, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey

The Florist’s Cyclamen (also know by their botanical name, Cyclamen persicum) are tender Cyclamen plants that are often given as gifts.  I find these particular Cyclamen are notoriously difficult to keep.  It’s a miracle if I can keep a Cyclamen persicum specimen alive for as long as a couple of weeks, as these plants thrive in cool temperatures of around 10-15C (50-59F) with a maximum temperature of 15C (59F) and they also require bright, indirect light.  I can’t offer these growing conditions.  If you’re thinking of growing a Florist’s Cyclamen, remember that harsh afternoon sunlight can scorch these plants’ leaves and dim lighting and warm temperatures leave these Cyclamen looking exhausted, as they inch ever closer to death.  Cyclamen persicum leaves turn yellow and will rapidly wither away if the plants have been given too much water, but fear not, if for whatever reason you’ve not supplied your plants with enough water their leaves will also turn yellow and disappear.  These Cyclamen are prepped and ready to die at a moment’s notice.

Cyclamen persicum (Florist’s Cyclamen).

These plants don’t want to sit in water, as their stems are prone to rotting, so tip any excess water away after you’ve watered your Cyclamen.

If you’ve been given a Cyclamen persicum plant, the best way to prolong your plant’s life is to grow this Cyclamen in a cool, bright porch.  Failing that give your plant away; don’t delay as these Cyclamen can die in record time!

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If you’ve been given a Florist’s Cyclamen and you’ve accidentally, but nonetheless very successfully, promptly extinguished any spark of life from your plant, don’t let this put you off growing hardy Cyclamen species.  Cyclamen hederifolium are outdoor plants that are more suited to our UK climate and thrive outdoors in our gardens.  I think of Cyclamen hederifolium and all garden Cyclamen as infinitely more attractive plants than Cyclamen persicum.  Florist’s Cyclamen have over-sized flowers that have a tendency to be rather loud and brash, whereas garden Cyclamen are more charming.

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