Dahlia ‘Pink Pat and Perc’

Family: Asteraceae

Dahlia ‘Pink Pat and Perc’ is a lovely collarette Dahlia that produces these rather splendid rose-lilac coloured, collarette flowers.  Each flower is adorned with a co-ordinating white ruff, which highlights the centre of each flower; it’s really quite a lovely thing.

I have found that Dahlia ‘Pink Pat and Perc’ is a great Dahlia to grow to provide pollen and nectar for bees, hoverflies, and butterflies.  The flowers also work well as cut flowers.  It’s a great Dahlia to grow!

Dahlia ‘Pink Pat and Perc’ is said to grow to around 1.5m (5ft) tall; although I have found that my plants are a little shorter than this.  I find that Dahlia ‘Pink Pat and Perc’ plants usually reach around 1m (3.2ft) tall.

If you live in a colder or wetter area of the country, you might wish to lift your Dahlia tubers in the autumn, and store the tubers overwinter.  If you plan on lifting your Dahlias, wait until your Dahlia’s leaves have been blackened by the first cold frosts.  Lift your plants carefully, using a fork.  Choose a dry, sunny day to lift your Dahlias – if you can.  Then move your plants somewhere dry and frost free, with good air circulation, where your Dahlia tubers can dry out.

I haven’t lifted my Dahlias for some years now, simply because my Dahlias are all grown in free draining sandy soil, so the plants have a much better survival rate.  When I gardened on a heavy clay and on a wet soil, I used to lift my tubers and place my Dahlias on a tray of dry compost; they spent winter inside a cold, but frost free shed, with good air circulation.  If you’re looking for somewhere to store your Dahlia tubers over autumn – a shed, glasshouse, or garage is ideal.

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