Dahlia ‘Sunshine Girl’

Family: Asteraceae

Dahlia ‘Sunshine Girl’ is a collarette Dahlia that was raised by Jack Gott, and introduced in 2012.  Plants produce these lovely, creamy white flowers; each bloom features a white ruff that’s attractively highlighted with touches of creamy sunshine yellow.  This yellow infused, white collar encircles every flower’s centre.  Dahlia ‘Sunshine Girl’ plants produce lovely fresh green leaves and stems, which co-ordinate rather beautifully with the white flowers, giving a fresh and lovely touch of green and white to the garden.

This is such a handsome Dahlia!  The flowers really are glorious, I so appreciate Dahlia ‘Sunshine Girl’ blooms.  I love growing plants for bees, butterflies, and other insects, so I appreciate this open centred Dahlia, with its pollen and nectar-rich blooms that are open and available to bees, hoverflies, butterflies, and other insects.

Plant Dahlia ‘Sunshine Girl’ in a warm, sunny location, where your plant will be able to soak up the sunshine.  Choose a position in a moist, but well-drained soil.  Avoid shaded locations and wet, water logged soil.  If your soil has a tendency to be wet or waterlogged, plant your Dahlias in a raised bed or at the top of a slope – so the water will always drain away from the tubers.

Dahlia ‘Sunshine Girl’ grows to around 1.2m tall (4ft) tall.

Don’t forget to deadhead your Dahlias thoroughly and frequently, at regular intervals.

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