Dahlia ‘Teesbrooke Audrey’

Family: Asteraceae

Dahlia ‘Teesbrooke’ Audrey’ is a collarette Dahlia that produces lovely pale lilac-pink coloured, open centred flowers, which are enhanced by an attractive white ruff, which decorates the centre of each flower.  This is a super Dahlia to grow, if you’re looking to encourage bees, butterflies, hoverflies, and other beneficial insects into your garden.

Plant Dahlia ‘Teesbrooke’ Audrey’ in a lovely warm and sunny spot; Dahlias flourish in the sunshine.  These tubers grow especially well in raised beds and sandy soils – where they will more reliably survive the winter – avoid overwintering Dahlias in wet or heavy soils.  If your soil has a tendency to be waterlogged over the winter months, then I’d advise you to lift your Dahlias when their foliage becomes blackened by the frosts, in autumn or early winter.  Lift your Dahlia tubers on a dry sunny morning (if possible – I know it’s not always possible!).  Using a fork, carefully lift your Dahlias, keeping the group of tubers that form each plant together.  Cut the foliage back and leave your Dahlia tubers to dry out in the sunshine, or in a glasshouse, for an afternoon.  Then place your Dahlia tubers into a cardboard box, or a seed tray, with some dryish compost sprinkled over the base of your container.  There’s no need to plant your tubers – I just always place my tubers on a light covering of dryish compost.  Over the winter months, leave your tray of Dahlias in a dry, frost free place – a shed or a garage is ideal.

Next springtime, plant your Dahlia ‘Teesbrooke’ Audrey’ tubers.  If you have access to a glasshouse and you’re keen to achieve early flowering; plant your Dahlia tubers in containers of peat free compost in March.  Grow your plants within the protection of your glasshouse, until you can harden your Dahlias off outside, when all risk of frost has passed in May and June.  Alternatively, plant your Dahlia ‘Teesbrooke’ Audrey’ tubers in the ground in late April or early May.

Dahlia ‘Teesbrooke’ Audrey’ plants grow to around 1m (3.2ft) tall.

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