Digitalis ‘Camelot Cream’

Family: Plantaginaceae

Digitalis ‘Camelot Cream’ is an absolutely fabulous foxglove!  This F1 hybrid flowers for a really long time, much longer than many foxgloves, producing flowering stems that are full of gorgeous cream flowers, which are decorated with crimson-maroon freckles.  It’s a really very pretty plant that’s so popular with bees!

Sometimes Digitalis ‘Camelot Cream’ performs as a biennial, other times as a short lived perennial.  While it’s in flower, it’s hard to beat!

Digitalis ‘Camelot Cream’ grows to around 1m (3.2ft) tall.  Plant in any moist, well-drained soil, in full sun or partial shade.  Avoid very dry or waterlogged soils.

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