Dinema polybulbon

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Americas, Central America, Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, North America

Dinema polybulbon is a miniature, epiphytic and lithophytic orchid species, which originates from Cuba, Mexico, and Nicaragua, where this orchid can be found growing on trees and rocks, in areas of humid forest.

Dinema polybulbon produces large, caramel and ivory coloured, fragrant flowers, which have a striking appearance and a rather elegant beauty.

I find that Dinema polybulbon is far easier to grow as a mounted specimen than as a pot grown plant.  This miniature orchid requires frequent misting, and a humid environment, with bright, but filtered, indirect light, to flourish.

You can read more about the Dinema polybulbon specimen that you see pictured above in my regular updates for my Orchidarium.  If you’re interested, you can see this Dinema polybulbon specimen in flower in this update here.

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