Diplocaulobium abbreviatum

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Papua New Guinea

Diplocaulobium abbreviatum is a slow growing miniature, epiphytic orchid species, which is endemic to New Guinea.  Diplocaulobium abbreviatum produces attractive star shaped, white flowers that are edged with cream, with small yellow and dark purple markings in the centre of each inflorescence.

This Diplocaulobium abbreviatum specimen is growing inside my Miniature Orchid BiOrbAir terrarium, you can see how well this miniature orchid is growing in my BiOrbAir Review – Growing Miniature Orchids in the BiOrbAir.  This link takes you straight to the trial update which was written when I first included this Diplocaulobium abbreviatum specimen inside this terrarium.  You can follow how well this Diplocaulobium abbreviatum specimen grows in this, and the continuing trial updates and instalments.

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